‘Keyhole’ forefoot surgery is now a commonly practiced technique in the UK. It allows surgery to be performed through a few small 3mm incisions in the skin, instead of the 5cm or longer wound necessary for surgery through an open wound.

The benefits of conventional surgery are not lost – all the deformities of the forefoot can be corrected as before. However, patients feel that they have less swelling after keyhole surgery and often have less pain.

This type of surgery is now available at the Alexandra Hospital and the Spire Hospital in Manchester.

Click on the menu above to see if your particular problem is amenable to keyhole surgery. There is also further important information on the surgical and anaesthetic techniques that you should read if you do have surgery.

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Amer Shoaib is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in conditions of the Foot and Ankle. He has been a Consultant since 2008, and has now moved his practice from Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport to Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester’s University Teaching Hospital.

His surgical treatments embrace minimally invasive methods to provide corrective surgery with minimal soft tissue injury. He uses minimally invasive surgery for heel (Calcaneal) fractures and Achilles Tendon repair, as well as forefoot surgery.

His practice embodies modern ideas on the treatment of ankle fractures, allowing almost all patients with ankle fractures to bear weight safely straight after surgery, instead of struggling with a plaster cast and crutches.

Appointments can be booked at the Alexandra Hospital or the Spire Hospital for consultation and surgery.